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A passage you ought to read


My custom dashboard application, written in C++


Accessing remote USB ports

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Mediations2022-03-01 21:16:18A passage you ought to read
Dashboard2022-02-16 22:26:26My custom dashboard application, written in C++
USBIP2021-11-21 23:02:00Accessing remote USB ports
Hamradio2021-11-20 17:57:40Hello from KE8TIZ!
Minecraft on Gentoo2021-08-26 14:47:39Or rather, how to install it
Escape-CapsLock swap2021-08-25 21:47:03For working faster in vim
YouCompleteMe2021-08-23 17:03:20How to install vim autocomplete
Aerc2021-08-19 22:13:33A pretty cool terminal email client
Skip lists2021-08-11 13:16:46All of the benifits of a linked list with none of the drawbacks
SDL2 on Rpi without X112021-08-08 09:34:16Or at least how I got it all to work
Gentoo steam fix2021-08-06 14:43:43Errors with libfreetype at runtime, or not rendering anything
Vanilla syrup2021-08-01 23:25:56Vanilla syrup, great for coffee
New view counter on posts2021-07-28 20:34:25New view counter for posts, no spyware included
rss-cli2021-07-26 12:53:51A cli rss parser of my own creation!
New youtube-dl utility2021-07-14 20:30:51A new web based youtube-dl utility
Strawberry jam2021-07-12 15:02:46Easy way to preserve strawberries
Self hosting2021-07-12 14:50:31How to liberate your services
Gentoo2021-07-04 14:09:26If god uses a computer, hes running Gentoo
Cinnamon Bread2021-07-04 12:25:00Cinnamon Bread in only 4 hours
Vanilla Pork2021-07-03 15:18:19Sweet Pork Chop Recipe
Cold brew Coffee2021-06-27 17:03:18Very strong coldbrew recipe
Korean bbq2021-06-25 13:45:34A easy ground beef recipe
Intro to weather satellites2021-06-18 16:13:04Why, how and some examples
Honey Chicken2021-06-17 22:41:16My favorite chicken recipe
Bread Recipe 12021-06-16 15:46:58My first bread recipe
Welcome!2021-06-08 14:36:08An introduction to my site