Tyler Perkins

Junior Software Engineer - KE8TIZ

About me

Hi, I'm Tyler. I'm a Computer Science undergraduate student at Kent State University.
I'm seeking an entry position in embedded systems, OS development, or telecommunications.
I'm looking to utilize my skills in problem solving and teamwork to solve real world problems and gain experience.
I also make software projects for fun, and am an amateur radio operator with callsign KE8TIZ.
My current project is building a turing complete computer on a breadboard!
This site is under construction constantly, just keep that in mind!


Articles and Ideas

A collection of my ideas and opinions on a wide variety of things. And recipes. Lots of recipes.

My Resume

My up-to-date resume

Code Showcase


A suckless inspired Dashboard, still a work in progress


A command line application for parsing RSS feeds. Great for use in scripts!

School Showcase

Some of my best code from School